Hydronic & Steam Equipment Co., Inc offers the best in class service that goes beyond the sale. Routine maintenance, repair, or start-up? We’ve got you covered. Our service team uses industry-leading knowledge to save you both time and money. We want to ensure your equipment is operating at its best.

Hydronic & Steam Service

Services Offered:

– 24 Hour Emergency Support/Service

– 21 Point Boiler Open/Close Insurance Inspections

– Application Engineering

– Boiler Boil-Out

– Boiler Control Conversions

– Boiler Set Points and Calibrations Check/Test

– Boiler Refractory Repair and Replacement

– Boiler Room Survey

– Boiler Tube Cleaning

– Burner Replacement

– Burner Fuel Conversions

– BPO – Boiler Plant Optimization

– Combustion Analysis and Tuning

– Confined Space Work

– Equipment and System Troubleshooting

– Equipment Commissioning and Start-up

– Equipment Package Design and Fabrication

– Equipment ROI Calculations

– Equipment Sizing and Selection

– Equipment Training and Technical Support

– Equipment Utility Rebates

– Glycol Testing

– Hydrostatic Testing

– Load Calculations

– Operation and Maintenance Manuals

– Parts Identification

– Pump Alignment, Straight Edge, Dial, and Laser

– Pump Repair

– Pumps Performance Testing, with Gauges

– Steam Trap Survey

– System Engineering

– Radiant Floor and Snow Melt Calculations and Layouts

– Venting Calculations and Layouts